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 Tuesday, October 14th @ 7:00PM   RSVP 801-542-0345

Ebola/Infectious Disease Protection, and Cleansing from Parasites, Viruses, & Candida  

Karen's Energy UTAH-  748 E Pioneer Road Draper, UT 84020

Most people following the American dietary recommendations will host more than one virus, worm or harmful bacteria at a time. These invaders can cause simple and complex problems, from headache and nausea, to birth defects, blindness and death.  Learn how to modify the body terrain from parasites, bacteria, viruses, flukes and candida.  Get educated and enjoy (well, they may just make you sick…but you can handle it) detox stories from Karen – our own Detoxification Specialist! Learn what foods and herbs can destroy the unwanted invaders in your sweet terrain and keep the body free from parasites and vicious viruses forever! $$ FREE FOR PMMA MEMBERS – MEMBERS ONLY –Karen Urbanek


Saturday, October 18th  @ 10:00AM  RSVP 801-542-0345

EMF DAY – Filtering of Two Homes, Then Class at 6:00PM! 

Karen's Energy UTAH- 748 E Pioneer Road Draper, UT 84020

NEEDED: Two demonstration homes that we can filter in Utah on October 18th.  Both homes must be made open to the public as we filter, so we can bring interested people to watch. See the dramatic results filtering with GS units can bring to a home.  If interested in having us filter your home as a demo, please contact emily@karensenergy.com.  Instead of paying hourly for two people to filter, you will only pay for the filters and a flat rate of $75.00.  What a deal!  Email soon! First home will be filtered at 9 am, second at 1 pm.  Average time spent filtering is 2-3 hours, depending on the size and electrical pull of home. Interested in coming to see a home filtered?  Let Emily know! THEN AT 6:00PM EMF-The Silent Sabotage on Your Health! From bracelets to necklaces, devices available to fight the harmful effects of EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) are confusing. As we increase wireless internet speeds and are “plugged” into the grid, we need answers. Join us and learn the best ways to shield your body, work and home environment from the cancer causing dis-ease promoting EMF’s.  Neighbors, farms, skyscrapers, hotels & apartment buildings everywhere are swarming with frequencies that can affect your life for the good or bad. With cell phones in your shirt and pants pockets and Bluetooth’s in your ears; testicular, breast, and brain tumors are soaring. From the toaster to transformers, learn how frequency matters; and sometimes it IS a matter of life and death. Your cells are depending on YOU! $20 or $10 PMMA Members –Karen Urbanek


Tuesday, October 21st @ 7:00PM   RSVP 801-542-0345

Great Adrenals VS Stress – The Connection Between Sanity and Stress! 

Karen's Energy UTAH- 748 E Pioneer Road Draper, UT 84020 

Enjoy this information packed class as we give you the FACTS about those marvelous glands and organs of the adrenal system and the how’s and why’s of getting them to work in rhythm to avoid stress! From the thyroid to the pituitary, and the ways to relieve stress not just physically, but mentally (we will cover EFT too); this class is for anyone living in stress or with exhausted adrenals.  There are many forms of stress: Survival, Internal, Environmental, and Fatigue. Stress can be caused by both good (positive) and bad (negative) conditions around you.  You have heard “fight or flight;” and these reactions to good or bad stress cause different hormones to be released into the body.  Learn the foods that can help, and techniques to manage and overcome stress in your daily life.  This is one STRESS free enjoyable class! Enjoy some warm tea with us! $15 –Karen Urbanek


Thursday, October 23rd 2014 @ 6:30PM

Thyroid!- Underactive, Overactive, and How to Balance!

Real Foods 420 W 800 N Orem, UT 84057


 Friday, October 24th 2014 6:00PM-11:00PM   RSVP 801-542-0345


Premiering Karen's Recently Published Book, "LIVE With Outgrageous Energy! Thrive Without Fear, Sickness & Disease"

Cactus & Tropicals 12252 Draper Parkway Draper, UT 84020 

Join Karen and her family for an inspirational night of their journey to create a health shift across the world! This is a formal event! Evening will include an Organic Catered Dinner, Inspirational Presentation, Book Signing, Silent Auction, Networking and an Illuminated Garden Walk! Tickets: $37.95 for Adults / Children Half Price / $7 Extra for Organic Local Chicken 

6:00PM-7:00PM Book Signing & Silent Auction

7:00PM-8:00PM Organic Dinner

8:00PM "The Shift" Presentation by Karen's Family

9:00PM-11:00PM Music & Dancing


Saturday, November 1, 2014 10:00am to 1:00pm   RSVP 801-542-0345

The Power of Food!

Karen's Energy WISCONSIN EDUCATIONAL CENTER- 7001 Hwy 175 Allenton, WI 53002

10:00am – 12:00pm Join Karen and her daughter Jenna for an enthusiastic and educational presentation on what food does inside the body, how foods feed your cells, what ATP is, and what the best foods are for your nationality, skin color, weight, structure, and metabolism! Should you eat dark or light colored foods, fatty foods, cooked foods, or diet foods? And, let’s hear it for those SUPERFOODS! Learn where antioxidants and oxidative stress comes from, what free radicals are, and what angiogenesis is. Discover that YOU have the POWER to LIVE disease free!

12:00pm – 1:00pm Come party with us!  Enjoy fresh smoothies and learn how to make incredible and easy snacks for you, your friends and family. Book signing that night too! Presenter: Karen Urbanek. Cost: $20 or $10 for PMMA Members


Thursday, November 13th @ 7:00PM   RSVP 801-542-0345

Soups, Stews and STEWPS! 

Karen's Energy UTAH- 748 E Pioneer Road Draper, UT 84020 

Soups as easy as 1-2-3! Learn how to make veggie soups, raw loaded with life soups, meat soups (made with local meats), and stewps! (Not quite a stew but thicker than soup!) Learn why Miso is Karen’s favorite base for ALL soups, and learn how to avoid MSG (all 30+ kinds) while still creating a yummy meal. Creamy soups, gluten free grain soups, bean soups, OH MY! $20 includes a nice soupy dinner! –Karen Urbanek


Tuesday, November 18th @ 7:00PM  RSVP 801-542-0345


Karen's Energy UTAH- 748 E Pioneer Road Draper, UT 84020 

From fresh baked pumpkin pie to living pecan pie recipes – learn the tricks of the trade! Easy TASTY pie crust done in minutes, perfect banana cream, yummy fruit and perfect raw apple spice pie YUM! Could there be a tastier class? All gluten free and dairy free and you would NEVER have any idea these are loaded with HEALTH! And did we mention – Dairy Free Whipped Cream from NUTS!? YUM!!!! $20 –Karen Urbanek & Jenna Julianne


 Tuesday, December 2nd - 2 CLASSES!   RSVP 801-542-0345

Karen's Energy UTAH- 748 E Pioneer Road Draper, UT 84020 

6:00PM BIOMAT: Pain, Inflammation and The Fourth Cancer Treatment

Killing cancer cells, enhancing the immune system, moving the lymphatic system, cleansing lymph nodes, improving the circulatory system, raising the core temperature of the body, helping end free radical damage, is this mat for real? Discover why every home needs one Biomat! FREE 

7:00PM Natural Breast Health – Keeping Them Healthy, Happy and Cancer Free! 

Karen will discuss details you need to be aware of regarding your breast health!  Fluoride, halogens, EMF’s, emotions and many other factors could be the tipping point taking your breasts to an unhealthy state of mind.  We will discuss: iodine, lymphatic drainage, your MARVELOUS lymph nodes (keep those!), food, essential oils, and how all of this has been used to restore great breast health! Thinking of getting another mammogram? Not so fast! Come tonight to learn the SAFE way of checking your breast tissue for cancer.  Thermal imaging will be discussed helping you make well informed decisions on your breast care.  Do not fear breast cancer- become educated on all you need to know to maintain healthy beautiful breasts! $20 or $10 PMMA Members –Kelly Wobrock & Karen Urbanek


Tuesday, December 9th  7:00PM   RSVP 801-542-0345

Holiday Dishes from Wassail to Stupendous Salads! 

Karen's Energy UTAH- 748 E Pioneer Road Draper, UT 84020 

Deck the intestinal track with lots of jolly! Is it possible to enjoy the BEST EVER FEAST of organic raw desserts, superfood elixirs, gluten free and dairy free main dishes (cooked and raw), holiday raw eggnog & Christmas snacks? Why yes it is! Don’t forget about Santa’s gluten free treat! $15 –Karen Urbanek



January 8-10, 2015
Find the WHO in YOU! A Self-Discovery Retreat - REGISTER TODAY!

Time: 8am - 6pm
Location: KE Education Center, 7001 Hwy 175, Allenton, WI

Join us for a self-discovery journey starting at conception!  Learn where emotions come from, and how to forgive yourself and others, how to meditate and find quiet time in a busy life, how to set goals and keep them without guilt, how to see the good in others and how to make a shift in your judgment of situations and other people.  People’s inner “who” is what makes them creative, quiet, happy, sad or loaded with JOY!  Find the “Who” in YOU! For more information.

Karen's 2015 TNC Courses

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Wisconsin Schedule  
February 20–21 2015 8am – 5pm (Part 1 & 2) Karen’s Energy Educational Center, Allenton, WI
March 20-21 2015 8am – 5pm (Part 3 & 4) Karen’s Energy Educational Center, Allenton, WI

May 1–2 2015 8am – 5pm (Part 1 & 2) Karen’s Energy Educational Center, Allenton, WI
May 29-30 2015  8am – 5pm (Part 3 & 4) Karen’s Energy Educational Center, Allenton, WI

July 16-18 2015 8am – 5 pm Accelerated Course - Karen’s Energy Educational Center, Allenton, WI

Utah Schedule - Classes Can Be Viewed by Webinar
January 7, 2015 Enjoy the eight week series held every Wednesday from 6-10 PM Mountain Standard Time at Karen’s Energy Educational Center, Draper, UT. 

April 15th, 2015  Enjoy the eight week series held every Wednesday from 6-10 PM Mountain Standard Time  at Karen’s Energy Educational Center, Draper, UT.

June 25 – 27 2015  8am – 5 pm Utah Accelerated Course - Karen’s Energy Educational Center, Draper, UT

Florida Schedule
January 22–24 2015 8am - 5pm Florida Accelerated Course - Naples, FL